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Physical Materials Update

As we’ve been working on adding procedural object / vegetation support, it has been necessary to revamp the physical material framework within Grit.  This has required changing the grammar of the tcol files, so if you update svn you’ll have to re-export your tcols using the updated maxscripts or they will give you errors inside Grit.  The maxscript is a bit ‘fresh’ but hopefully no serious bugs, if you find anything, please point it out to us on IRC.

Summary of changes:

Materials are now given by string (none of that hex number rubbish anymore) and users can easily add their own materials (see common/phys_mats.lua for examples).  The materials don’t do much yet but they will get fleshed out with various gameplay and behavioural features as time goes by.

The physical materials are now very similar to the graphical materials, they exist (by default) in the directory of the lua file in which they are defined. Tcol files will look in their local directory for physical materials just like mesh files look in their local directory for graphical materials.

Note: When using the tcol maxscript, don’t try and use the GRIT_PHYSMAT material anymore, just assign a normal material with the name you want.

The new system should be a lot more powerful and user-friendly than the old system so any hassle bringing existing tcol files up to date should be worth it.  Thanks!

Just thought we'd show a pretty picture today.

playground in the game engine

This screen-shot was digitally enhanced during the down-scaling process. lol.

Binary Releases Will Be Kept To A Minimum

No Binary Releases For A WhileSpark is going to stop compiling the .zip releases that can be downloaded from the web. Instead, everyone that wants to be up-to-date should use SVN.

You can check this quick guide to SVN in the forums about setting up SVN to use with Grit. It is intuitive and useful and ensures that everyone can stay up to date at a time where the engine changes so much that releases are a wasteful duty.

There will still be zip releases, but as those are quite slow to do (Changing OS to compile) it will only happen when there is a good bunch of new features to brag about from the SVN.

Brian Broke The Game Engine Forum

facepalmI broke the forum, after a lot of working on it and then a lot more working on it to fix new things that kept popping up, so needless to say there is the Google cached version to resurrect your topics and posts, but they are gone on-site. There is nothing wrong with SMF, it just seems that to get what we need out of it, I kept having to break and fix it. We will need all need a new account.

We have changed to PHPbb simply as a wider used, seemingly more easily-administered forum once things are set up. Most people will probably be happy to hear that, and while I’m sorry we lost our first bits in the forum, I am definitely glad it happened before it was more populated with content. If we were much bigger it would have been really upsetting, I’m sure.

We will have the forums in order for posting again soon, in the mean time you can grab your new account and watch the Grit RSS for a short announcement that says the preliminary topic and category structure is ready and open.

The newest pre-alpha snapshot will be back on the forums within 24 hours.

New Alpha Releases Available On The Forum

UPDATE DE IMPORTANTAY: Brian broke the forum, see newer news for info.

UPDATE: Another new release in the quoted link below. Keep an eye to that topic for all new releases to get to know grit . We’ll have them there until we make an official release.

Spark started a topic where he released an alpha build of the game engine over on the game engine forum. You can now grab a copy for yourself and start learning how things will be done in Grit and get acquainted with all the rendering effects and interactive objects already available.

Keep in mind that Grit is early alpha and open source, so the use of the forum, svn, and wiki will likely be key to your success in the use and development of Grit. That being said, don’t hesitate to ask for help with anything, no matter how small.