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Using Grit to develop a game
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Author:  Snehk [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Using Grit to develop a game


I'm a newcomer here and I'm considering using the Grit engine for a few projects. I'm a hobbyist with a bit of experience in most aspects of game development (kinda a jack of all trades, with story writing being my most developed skill) and I worked with several game engines (GoldSrc, id Tech engines and their forks, UE4 and several other). While I haven't made anything big on those engines, I had great time learning how they work and creating assets for them. However, I want to fully develop my own game.

What I want to ask is, what is the state of the engine right now? Would I be able to develop singleplayer/co-op games with large open world and detailed interiors, great deal of interactivity and good gameplay overall without changing too much of it's internal code? Interactive world surfaces (like in Doom 3) would be also a good feature for one of my ideas.

I had already read a few introductory chapters of the Grit book, I'm quite familiar (though not best or maybe even halfway competent) with C++ and I'm going to learn Lua. I'll need a short introduction to asset creation for Grit and I'll probably start messing with it as soon as I'll have enough time (probably during weekends or after examination session).

Author:  Augusto Moura [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Using Grit to develop a game

Hi :)

Being honest..

I personally would not recomend Grit on its current state, for anything else than learning stuff as I did, it is a really interesting thing when it comes to starting learning game dev, as it is not as "complicated" as opengl
Developing a game would inevitably end up with a big frustation when you reach any of its limitations
Although, I would recommend Grit for very small, or very simple games, using only features that already have a working example on Grit
I see Grit as a great starting point for a team that want to create its own game engine, other than that Grit needs to evolve a lot

Author:  lavrod [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using Grit to develop a game

Hi Snehk,

Will be great if you can participate to the creation of a simple demo duel game with us while learning Lua, you don't need C++. I seek your valuable knowledge on storyline dev. Assets creation is not that hard with Grit. Feel free to chat with us in the IRC for any help. You will be surprise how fast you can be up an running with Grit.

My idea is a tanks duel. Because the cannon is almost already completed in a turret tutorial. I have also a basic map from an other tutorial.

We need somebody to create a tank cockpit, tank tracks, storyline, ...
Then each of us can create a different map.

Author:  Snehk [ Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using Grit to develop a game

Thank you for replies!

I'm yet to download the engine and set everything up. I'll probably get to it in a week or two, most probably after examination session. If the engine is not developed enough to create bigger projects, then I'll start working with it just for fun.

Starting out by helping with a project would be great! Right now I have a slight problem with my mouse (which is a big pain while modelling/mapping), but I may help with modelling the tank. I'll have to see the turret and any reference images that were used in it's creation to better make other parts fit. I make my models and UV Map them in Wings 3D (most of them are low-poly, since I've worked with less demanding engines). I use Blender for rigging, animating (still learning those two) and exporting to different file formats.

I don't have too much documented stuff when it comes to development, I may PM you with screenshots of things that may either seem interesting or actually look good.

When it comes to storyline, I already can think of a few ideas in which tanks may be involved, but best ideas come with time and me being busy with something completely unrelated.

Author:  lavrod [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using Grit to develop a game

Here an overview of the turret that can be reuse, already support sound effect and missile launch.
Texture is simply a door image in one of the Grit media directory that can be modified in the script.
Will provide .blend and .lua code later when you will be ready.
Here videos (no sound).

Author:  gabriel [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using Grit to develop a game

WOW! This is gonna be sooo cool! sooo FUN! :up:

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