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 Post subject: This is my post to share cool stuffs that i have found
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:43 pm 

Joined: Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:14 pm
Posts: 59
If i post here links already posted on this forum, i apologies,

Sometimes, it pays up good to check all the links on a webpage, sometimes the good stuff is hidden at the bottom, well, anyway, all of you already know that!

Here is a few new cool links to cool stuffs

So, here is a updated "All Together" of all the links to cool stuffs that i have found up to now!
imho, i suggest that you check all the links in all of them webpages that i post here, even if the link is about someting not related to 3D openworld,
because sometime,on that webpage, there is a whole page fill with links to others cool webpages...
But, that is just a humble advice from a humble man...

I have found this info a few seconds ago, i am putting it here, just in case,
i hope it will help someone

I have just found this software,it look promising, would it work with grit?
here is the link

I have just found this genius of a game engineer, hurry and have a look at everything done by him
Do not forget to check his all his videos and all his blog

I have just finished downloading everything from a great blog (textures, 3d objects, tools, etc), for a total of 13.6 GB, i really think that everyone should go check it out!
here is the adress:

I just found this site with lots of oss musics (royalty free) that you can download,
here is the adress:

I have just found thoses infos, i hope it will help someone

hi! to all you geniuses out there!

So,i have found this 3D Openworld game on the web,it come with its own 3d world editor
(very easy to use and powerfull,(from my inexperience user point of view)),
i can not find infos about that game on the web,seems to be opensource or an abandonware,
but it still is fun to play,it is multiplayer and seems to use ogre and lua with others opensource pieces of software.

man, if only i had the cash for it, i would try to buy that game and release it opensource.

it need directx 9.0C,

it works great on windows xp professionnal and Windows 7 ultimate (for me)
but it does not lauch on my Windows 7 Ultimate old laptop (probably the graphics not good enough)

i suggest you lauch the game and play one level before lauching the world editor

there are infos about the game inside the installation folder
and a more detailled explanation in the config folder (the .odt files in french)

anyway, i really wish you guys would check it out,
because i have big hopes that it will be usefull to you in somes ways or the others.
(the human mind works in mysterious way)

here is the link on mediafire:
(just add the 4 text together,(i do not want robots to find the link))





Hi, i have just found this, a few seconds ago, looks very awesome!

and this Game Project (C++, Ogre3D and 3DS Max) - Intro

Wow! You guys must check this out! It looks like it would bring many possibilities to grit!

And, here is a high-level and fully featured 3D game creation suite. It is Free and Open Source (MIT Licensed), It looks very usefull!

About Crystal Space 3D

I suggest that you Check all this page

And a Free Software for creating musics

So, here is a programmer with lots of greats cool gnu softs, reals diamonds of softs, with lots of possibilities to offer to grit. Please, do check all of his stuff!

Until next time, keep on having a wonderfull life! ;)

 Post subject: Re: This is my post to share cool stuffs that i have found
PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:20 pm 

Joined: Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:14 pm
Posts: 59
I have just found this soft for creating 3D stuffs, it looks really, really, really, promising in terms of possibility, i will install it and try it very soon

and there is support for developpers too!

See you soon!

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