This wiki is going to be replaced by the Grit book http://www.gritengine.com/grit_book(external link)

Please check for information there before looking here. Thanks!

For Users

General Documentation A little introduction for new users
user cfg parameters in the user's configuration file.
Hotkeys A hotkey list for the engine.
Copyright and MIT License legal information


Quaternion Primer if you need to understand quaternions

For Artists

Workflow Different kinds of assets in Grit
Mesh Graphical mesh files
TCOL Collision meshes
Shadows Avoiding shadow artifacts
BonedSuspension For cars that use boned suspension
Plane Boned suspension info for the plane class

Lua (For Artists)

Skybox environment Setup a custom sky environment
Classes and Objects Fundamental ingredients of a Grit environment
Material for an explanation and examples of the graphical material system.
Sky Editor how to edit save and load skies, in the game.
Physical Materials to define custom materials for collision meshes.
Procedural Objects for randomly scattered objects.
Lights for dynamic lights other than the sun/moon/sky.
Cars for passenger cars, etc


Texture for an explanation of the different texture maps used by the engine.
Generic Textures Re-using textures between localised assets
DirectDraw Surface The best file format for textures
Texture Formats Other formats
Premultiplied Alpha? How to avoid black outlines when using alpha
Mip Map Basic intro to mip maps.
Paint How to use per-object colour
Starfield How the starfield texture is arranged.


Reality Check Some info about the real world that you might need

Modelling with Blender

Blender Addon Install How to install Grit Blender addon
Blender Fundamental Concepts Background to relevant aspects of Blender
Blender Static Tutorial Tutorial for exporting a scene to Grit
Blender Dynamic Tutorial Tutorial for exporting classes that can move
Blender Assets Reference material for Grit assets manifested in Blender
Blender Modelling Tips Using Blender to model Grit meshes
Blender Linking Reference for linking blend files together
Blender Vertex Properties Technical information about per-vertex data in Blender

Modelling with 3D Studio Max

3DS Max Exporter
Texture blending


Draw Calls FPS impact of excessive draw calls
Overdraw FPS impact of overdraw (the rendering of polygons behind other polygons)

For Developers


Lua Modifications made to Lua language, virtual machine, and runtime APIs
Functions List of functions
Console Using the Lua console for fun and profit
PhysicsDebug Console commands for collision mesh debugging
Physics Ray Casting Some ray casting functions documentation


Compilation Instructions Building Grit yourself
Performance Notes on runtime performance (FPS, etc), for engine developers.
Ogre Usage notes on the extent to which Ogre is used by Grit
External Links documentation and ideas from other engines