Static builds of LuaImg are no-longer available. Please build it yourself.


Lua is MIT licensed and (c) PUC-Rio. The extensions to the Lua VM and the LuaImg code are (c) David Cunningham and also released under the MIT license.

Building from Source

The source code for LuaImg lives on Github. Note that the repository has submodules. The compilation instructions for LuaImg are similar to the Grit Compilation Instructions.

On windows, use the VC solution file and build the Luaimg project. That will build all the necessary dependencies.

On unix-based OS, just running make should be sufficient after cloning recursively. If you are missing dependencies, the list on the Grit Compilation Instructions should help. You'll need libreadline installed (on Ubuntu: libreadline-dev).

If you have any trouble, contact us on the Grit IRC channel or forums, see the Grit website for details.

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