Documentation Changes in 3ds Max 2009

The following changes have been made to the MAXScript Online Reference for the 3ds Max 2008 update:

Fixed Errors


Fixed errors in theHold documentation - isHolding() returns Boolean values and not integers, theHold.SuperLevel() is the correct name of the method formerly listed as theHold.getSupperLevel()

Unwrap6 Interface

Fixed the names of all methods operating on a specific node by adding the missing "ByNode" suffix.


Mesh Vertex Methods

Added notes to both the setVert() and meshop.setVert() methods that only the latter supports vertex animation at the Editable Mesh level.

maxOps Set Key Mode

Added example and notes to the description of the maxOps.getDefaultTangentType() and maxOps.setDefaultTangentType() methods.

mental ray

mental ray Shaders Index

A large number of mental ray shaders have been included to allow interoperability with other Autodesk products supporting mental ray.

3dsmax mental ray Shaders Index

This is a list of mental ray shaders implementing 3ds Max maps and volumetic effects. These shaders provide identical results in mental ray to the native 3ds Max maps and effects rendered in the Default Scanline renderer.

Color Values

Color Values

Added a note on Alpha display, Addition and Multiplication of Color Values.

Point4 Values

The Point4 Value class was implemented in 3ds Max 6 but never documented. It can be used to manipulate floating point color values without implicit conversion from/to 0-255 range.


mr_Sun : Light

mr_Sky : light

Reformatted the documentation of the two lights, added UI screenshots and ordered the properties in the same order as the parameters in the rollout for easier navigation.

Arch___Design__mi: material

mr_Physical_Sky : textureMap

Reformatted the documentation of the two shaders, added UI screenshots with clickable hotspots and ordered the properties in the same order as the parameters in the rollout for easier navigation.


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