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Grit news and personal update

It’s been a while since our last update, and accordingly there has been a fair bit of news!

NTA has implemented a first pass of getting audio support into the engine — this is using OpenAL, it works in Windows and Linux and we will be developing it further in the coming months.

Blender is a free and very useable 3D modelling program. We now have a fully featured export plugin for Blender, that exports meshes, collision files, classes, and maps into Grit. This makes it much easier to develop content for the engine.

Jost has been working on a new car — the Scarman. A slow luxury Sedan.

We also now have explosions, exploding cars, fire that spreads, etc. Cars explode when they are damaged or turn upside down, appear burnt out and can’t be driven.

Razzeeyy has been working on the plane logic, making it easier to fly and adding features.

Last and not least, the Grit project’s founder and lead developer got married!

In conclusion, Grit is still marching forwards, expect much more over the coming months.