Update on progress since March

Oops, we forgot to keep you up to date about what is going on. There hasn’t been any really major new features added but there has been a lot of work on small features, and a lot of churn in the source code. Refactoring, and redesigns, to remove some of the limitations and to allow us to go forward from here. In particular, isolating the graphics engines is a step towards having dedicated servers. The rewrites and refactorings cover almost all the code: physics, resource system, background loading, rendering, shaders, materials, … Also there have been plenty of bug fixes (and perhaps some new bugs :) ).

Here is a summary of some of the more visible work people have been doing the last few months:

  • Complete reimplementation of the background streaming subsystem
  • Background loading of textual collision mesh files
  • Binary collision mesh files
  • Texture streaming is now automatic — you don’t have to specify the list of used textures in your class definition
  • Communal work on ‘project’ map has started, a tiling city block that we can instantiate multiple times to make a large city, and Brian has started a new ‘urban’ map
  • Camera now tracks vehicles automatically
  • Added a low power mode for laptop debugging (mostly for development, this is an idea I stole from portal)
  • Overlays — useful for road markings, z offset scaled by vertical distance from camera
  • Work in progress for bloom
  • Mesh material remapping from class objects
  • Added a nice exploding oil drum, and a traffic control orange barrel for roadworks
  • Added the sponza map, very high poly! include “sponza/init.lua”
  • PCF shadow filter can now use a noise map instead of just the simple dither pattern (enabled by default)

In addition to this, we have moved the website, forums, and wiki, to another host.

So, even if we aren’t posting, we are keeping busy :)

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